Kiyera C. Garner, Financial Coach

Meet Kiyera Garner, a 13-year Accounting Professional who has set out to motivate, teach, guide, and change the financial thinking for individuals of all ages, ethnicities, and business entities all over.

After many years of consistently preparing business taxes for LLC's, S-Corps, and Corporations as well as an abundance of personal individual returns, bookkeeping, and balancing books for small businessmen, Kiyera decided she would love to help individuals around her build their own finances.

"Many individuals in under privileged communities were not fortunate enough to acquire the proper finance education that others may have been granted.....I chose to change the narrative!" Kiyera understands what it takes to develop a strong Financial Profile in order to achieve successful revenue flow in your personal day to day as well as business finances.

"Anyone can become wealthy but it's not an overnight success. Allow me to teach you how to make YOUR current financial situation work comfortably for you!"